NPA, Korea Petroleum To Improve Product Quality

Chief Executive of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) Hassan Tampuli, says the Authority is working hard to ensure petroleum products consumed by the public are of the highest quality, and the right steps will be taken to ensure that is not comprised.

Interacting with a delegation from Korea Petroleum Quality and Distribution Authority (K-Petro) in Accra on Wednesday, Mr Tampuli said improving the petroleum quality and distribution systems are critical to the operations in the downstream sector, and the right steps will also be taken to ensure service providers abide by the drive to improve service quality.

The delegation is in the country to explore partnership opportunities with the NPA, which will ensure the latter taps into the expertise of the Korean company in the areas of product quality, distribution and consumption.

Hassan Tampuli and Son Joo-Suk exchange pleasantries

Inspection and monitoring of petroleum products at various retail outlets have always been undertaken by inspectors from the NPA, but Mr. Tampuli said the exercise will be scaled up, and sees a partnership with K-Petro as an important part of that plan.

He said existing inspection of petroleum outlets will continue to be intensified, while encouraging the Oil Marketing Companies and other service providers in the sector, to play their part.

Chief Executive of K-Petro Son Joo-Suk, who led his team to the NPA, expressed optimism that the partnership will inure to the benefit of the consumer.

The agreement between the two parties meant an opportunity to share technical expertise, improve ongoing fuel marking and testing systems.

Source: NPA