The CBOD is the representative body of Bulk Oil Distribution Companies.

It has been operational since 2012 but was formally incorporated in January 2014. The CBOD serves as the advocacy, lobby and representative body of the industry.

The CBOD also functions as an industry research and strategy unit committed to enhancing the industry’s commercial viability and sustainability.

The CBOD operates as an active and responsible industry player partnering allied agencies for national development while coordinating and facilitating healthy cooperation and competition amongst members.

The CBOD currently holds a membership of 23 BDCs who account for over 76% of Petroleum supplies to the Ghanaian market.


Strategizing, facilitating and enhancing stakeholder cooperation in the downstream petroleum sector and partnering allied agencies for national development through targeted advocacy, stakeholder engagement, policy development and research.


Driving industry excellence and contributing to national development to improve lives.

Core Values

Good Governance