Follow safety procedures when discharging gas – Fire Service to LPG operators

The Ghana Fire Service has cautioned Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) station operators to strictly adhere to safety protocols when discharging gas at their stations.

Earlier this week, the timely intervention of the Service prevented a near-disaster situation at the Ritz Junction LPG station. The turn of events sent residents scattering over fears of an explosion.

Speaking to Citi News, Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service, Elis Robinson Oko, indicated that LPG station operators must ensure that they have a Fire Service personnel at post during such discharges.

“I would advise like we previously instructed filling station owners to be doing previously when the Atomic incident happened, we realized that it was not that alone but several ones were happening around. So we advised that anytime they want to discharge fuel or gas they should call the nearest Fire Service to stand by.”

“When people see that even the Fire Service is around whiles they discharge the fuel, it will even assure them that at least there’s some security for them,” he stated.


Residents of Adentan Ritz Junction were left in panic and fear as gas leaked from a filling station in the area.

This incident led many motorists on the Adentan-Madina highway turning around to avoid passing through the Ritz junction, with some residents abandoning their homes in fear of an explosion.

Mr. Oko who was at the scene said the gas station was discharging LPG from a tanker into bulk storage and the hose developed a problem, hence leaking the gas.

It took the intervention of the Fire Service to put the situation under control.