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CBOD Market Outlook

Top 10 OMC Pump Prices

CBOD Petroleum Price Outlook for the first pricing window between October 2022 – November 2022. 

A representative body of 47 Industry Players in Ghana

The CBOD serves as the advocacy, lobby and representative body of the industry. The CBOD also functions as an industry research and strategy unit committed to enhancing the industry’s commercial viability and sustainability.

The Chamber currently has a membership of 47 made up of 37 BIDECs, 7 Storage Depots and 3 other PSPs.

Our Core

Research Areas

The CBOD Research Team conducts extensive research on Ghana's Downstream Petroleum Sector. The primary research topics covers:

Policy & Regulatory Reviews

Policies, Legislations, and Regulations in the oil and gas industry - Review of practices in Africa.

Pricing & Market Review

We provide pricing and information on gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, oil, LPG and energy commodities.

Oil & Gas Sector Review

Review of developments in the African oil and gas industry is our sixth in a series of reviews of the sector.

Infrastructure Review

Energy Transmission, Storage, and Distribution Infrastructure Implementation Report


Industry Reports

We publish reports annually on our key research areas.

2020/21 Industry Report

2019 Industry Report

2018 Industry Report

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