Tanker drivers call off strike

The Tankers Drivers Union (TDU) says Monday’s industrial action by its members has been called off with immediate effect.

The union of over 4,000 transporters of petrol, diesel and petroleum products, said they would suspend operations citing poor working conditions and salary distortions, and vowed to remain on strike until the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) addressed their accusations of maltreatment.

“Enough is enough. We are no longer slaves to deserve this kind of treatment meted out to us,” TDU’s chairman, George Nyaunu, told Adom News. “We are putting down our tools to see whether petroleum products will be carried across the country.”

News of the strike caused panic among fuel consumers, who feared that it would result in a fuel shortage.

On Monday, the NPA refuted TDU’s claims. They urged customers to rest assured that there would be no reduction in fuel delivery and consumption.

“We have more than enough stock available,” NPA’s chief executive Hassan Tampuli said at the time.

In a statement, the Authority addressed that “Tampuli said the drivers met with the NPA and the relevant bodies in the petroleum industry for a resolution of their concerns, and there will be no need for the strike to happen.”

The statement further stated that the NPA’s scheduled meeting with TDU members resulted in “an amicable outcome.”
“More than 80 percent of their concerns have been addressed,” Tampuli said.

The NPA is in the beginning stages of implementing a memorandum of understanding to be agreed to by both parties.

Source: Myjoyonline.com