Senyo charges students to think outside the box

The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors(CBOD),Mr Senyo Hosi has charged students to think outside the box and not to rely solely on what they are taught in school.Mr Hosi said this when he was invited to give a lecture at the 2016 Finance Students and Associates(FINSA) Week at the University of Ghana Business School.The theme for the programme was “The Impact Of The Volatility Of Oil Subsidies On Harnessing The Full Potential (Investment Opportunities) Of The Financial Market””.Mr Hosi admonished against the attitude of students only reading syllable-based topics in school.To him,students especially those at the tertiary level, should be avid readers as they will soon step into the world and explore greater opportunities.Mr Hosi encouraged the students to sit down together as upcoming economists and discuss the budgets the Minister of finance presents to the country.This he said will help them appreciate and understand the economy on a different level.As people who are being groomed to take over positions which are not for the softhearted,Mr Hosi stated “it is never too early for students to start taking advantage of situations”.
The young CEO also reminded his audience they are not in the university to have fun and socialise but to develop and acquire new skills.

Angela Osei-Badu