Scrap LPG taxes now – LPG Marketers Association

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers Association has renewed calls for the taxes on LPG to be scrapped.

The taxes on LPG constitute about 13% percent of the pricing.

Though the price of LPG has gone down by about 7%, the association believes the removal of taxes will reduce the cost of LPG drastically and increase the consumption of the commodity.

Speaking to Joy Business, Vice President of the LPG Marketers Association, Gabriel Kumi, said the government must prioritise the call and remove all the taxes immediately.

“The taxes must go. We have been calling for this for a very very long time, but we are hoping and praying that one day somebody in the territory [government] will see the sense of these arguments we’re making. Take these statistics from the LPG, we are able to see the significant price of the LPG”.

“So we can all grow the consumption of the LPG that we are all talking about. It also depends on what the government is going to do to stabilise the cedi”.

Mr. Kumi also urged the government to do its best to keep the cedi stable.

“We can’t control the price of oil products on the international market, we can’t control it but if we are able to control our cedi or at least stabilize it we should be able to see consistency in the prices”.