NPA to recall all gas cylinders in Ghana

Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority, Hassan Tampuli, has said the NPA will be recalling all cylinders in Ghana as part of the Cylinder Re-Circulation Model.

“The recall will take place when we start rolling out and that should be almost in the final stages,” he said

Mr Tampuli said, “…When you do that consumers will have to give out their cylinders [and] that should come at the last stage when we know the marketing companies have gotten enough cylinders to roll out.”

The NPA boss was addressing journalists at the Petroleum Downstream Colloquium under the theme: “Ghana’s petroleum downstream – then, now and the future.”

He said the government will give specifications to the LPG marketers to replace the existing cylinders in the system.

“There is a stage in the implementation regime that we call Total Cylinder Recall – we recall the cylinders in the system and then trade them off. And then we will retire cylinders that do not meet the safety parameters.”

He added, “consumers are no longer going to own the cylinders. Cylinders are going to be procured and owned and branded by the marketing companies.”

The new policy directive for marketing and distributing Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG using the Cylinder Re-Circulation Model is to ensure Ghanaians have access to safe, clean and environmentally friendly product for use.

An implementation strategy is currently being developed for the smooth run of the policy.