NPA debunks RFO shortage rumors

The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the National Petroleum Authority(NPA), Hassan Tampuli has debunked rumors of a shortage of Residual Fuel Oil (RFO) in the country.

This follows some rumors of an alleged shortage of the product which is used by factories in the country to generate steam in their broilers.

Some factories in Tema recently agitated over the alleged shortage of the product as they feared it would have a negative impact on their operations and production.

Reacting to the rumors however, Mr. Tampuli told Citi Business News that the country has an adequate supply of RFO needed by all factories in the country to continue production.

“Sometimes I think it’s the work of scare mongers or let me say speculators because we have heard too many times that there is scarcity,

“We have not even come to the situation where we would be alarmed that there is scarcity of any product. We have every product in the country and as and when there is any scarcity we will be the first to know.” He added.

Mr. Tampuli assured that the authority is always working to keep adequate stock of RFO for the nnation.
He maintained that the fuel is important to keep many industries running hence the authority’s resolve to keep constant supply.

“So people and businesses should be rest assured that there is no scarcity of any product and that their businesses will not be affected”.