NPA boss visits CBOD

The new Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Mr Alhassan Tampoli paid a working visit to the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors(CBOD). The purpose of the visit was to formally introduce himself to the BDCs. Mr Tampoli, a lawyer was accompanied by some top officials of the NPA.

Mr Tampoli was met by at least one representative from the various Bulk Oil Distribution Companies. Although aware of the problems facing the BDCs, Mr Tampoli patiently listened as the Chief Executive Officer of CBOD,Mr Senyo Hosi highlighted the grievances of the BDCs.

Mr Tampoli assured the BDCs he will make sure they operate without any problem posed by either the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) or the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).Mr Tampoli also discussed how NPA is putting things in place to solve the high sulphur content in fuel.

Furthermore, Mr Tampoli promised to review the license fees which have become a burden on the BDCs.

The new CEO guaranteed to be fair and just to all players involved. According to him, he will welcome ideas and corrections from everybody as long as it is in the right direction.

Angela Osei-Badu (CBOD)