Let’s Start Scoring Time In Schools, Workplaces To Increase Productivity ― Senyo Hosi

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD) Senyo Hosi has bemoaned the culture of lateness in the country.

He said the canker which has become an acceptable norm in our societal life has set the country in a fast retrogressive manner towards productivity.

Senyo Hosi indicated that time has a cascading effect on everyone, adding that one’s lateness affects another who is depends on the other for services to be rendered.

According to him, time lost cannot be recovered and nations that invest efforts in time management are able to optimize productivity.

“Time is a depleting resource and for any economy to grow it must be effective at optimizing its resources, and time is one of it. So when you act untimely you are throwing away productivity. We must spend more time in optimizing our time in trying to be impactful in our communities,” he stated.

He said government must institute a mechanism to tackle people’s attitudes towards time and work.

Senyo Hosi urge heads of institutions to score public officers’ adherence to time inorder to address the culture of lateness and improve services in our public institutions.

“The issue of punctuality is a cultural problem which denies this country the maximum productivity. This problem starts from the house, schools and workplaces,” he posited.

He further urges education authorities to introduce time management as a gradable subject in schools to instill a culture of discipline among the youth towards time.

“We don’t get nurtured with the right attitude to time. We must start scoring time in our universities. We should teach time and productivity in our tertiary institution. Every universities programme in Ghana should include a subject called Time and Productivity. The economic relationship should be well established and the attitude of students marked in class,” Senyo Hosi emphasized.

This, according to him, is a proactive step to inspire a great change in people’s attitude towards time, a call when heeded, will spur productivity and economic growth.

Senyo Hosi said this during a short ceremony to endorse the ongoing public education and awareness campaign on punctuality organized by Punctuality Ghana Foundation in Accra.

“This project is a fantastic and noble one which must be supported by all to increase punctuality,” he intimated.

The Chief Executive Officer of Food And Drugs Authority (FDA) Mrs Delese Mimi Darko, Swiss Ambassador H.E Philipo Stalker, South Korea Ambassador H.E Kim Sungsoo, Japanese Ambassador H.E Tsutumo Himeno, Netherlands Ambassador H.E Ron Srikker, CEO of Volta River Authority (VRA) Emmanuel Antwi-Darkwa, Senior Minister Hon. Yaw Osafo Maafo and others have all endorsed the Punctuality campaign.

The Project Coordinator of Punctuality Ghana Foundation, Naa Meryeh Quaynor-Mettle said the endorsement adds to the pool of ideas as to how to execute the campaign with focus on linking punctuality with productivity.

According to her, it is a major element much-needed in transforming Ghana towards economic prosperity.

She added that a new mindset of change makers are needed to chat the economic revolution as championed by the Foundation committed to the cause of Ghana’s economic transformation on punctuality and productivity.

Naa Meryeh Quaynor-Mettle urges Ghanaians to be disciples of punctuality and productivity, and champion this campaign at their various workplaces.