Enquiry into atomic gas explosion should be broadcast live- Senyo Hosi

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Mr. Senyo Hosi has charged the government to ensure the probe into the cause of the Atomic junction gas explosion be telecast live.

This he believes will ensure transparency in the outcome of the investigation.
He made this statement on TV3 New day morning show as he discussed issues arising from the Atomic Junction gas explosion.

The country was hit by a gas explosion at the atomic junction which left seven people dead and many injured.

Mr. Hosi charged journalists to insist on being present at every interrogation session with anybody who was involved in the explosion.

This will ensure that truth is prevailed at the end of the investigation.

Mr. Hosi also believes that although insisting on safety measures is ‘expensive’, it will in the end help save lives and cut down costs.

Angela Osei-Badu
Administrative Officer