Chief of Staff formally launches NPA’s Phase II Petroleum Product Marking Scheme (PPMS)

The National Petroleum Authority has launched the second phase of the Petroleum Product Marking Scheme (PPMS) to monitor and ensure quality petroleum products and value for money for consumers. The NPA is introducing Phase II of the PPMS which it expects would ultimately halt losses and leakages in the downstream industry.
At the launch in Accra on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, the CEO of the NPA, Hassan Tampuli said, “the introduction of phase II of the PPMS is essential because contaminated petroleum products on the market have far-reaching consequences and it’s negative effects unquantifiable”.
The PPMS ensures the effective quality monitoring of petroleum products using a marker or unique identifier which would help identify the type of petroleum product and also expose any foreign products by testing samples of petroleum products. The presence of the marker provides unquestionable authentication of petroleum products.
According to the NPA, the PPMS Phase II, heavily driven by technology will ensure that data of the marker is secured, encrypted and checked in real-time. This will make sure quality petroleum products are put on the market, giving consumers value for money and removing any avenues for illicit activities in the petroleum downstream sector.
The Chief of Staff Frema Osei-Opare who officially launched the PPMS Phase II acknowledged that “fuel adulteration is a worldwide problem which needs stringent measures to arrest and defeat it.”
Madam Osei-Opare commended the NPA and expressed optimism that the PPMS Phase II will block revenue leakages and help the government raise the needed revenue to carry out developmental projects.
The Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD) and the Association of Oil Marketing Companies commended the NPA. In his remarks, the CEO of the CBOD Senyo Hosi said the PPMS Phase II deals with all key stakeholders sector and addresses three main issues.
“For us the PSPs you’re sanitizing our industry for PSPs something we urgently need. For consumers, you’re actually delivering and assuring quality. For the policy players, we are only trying to drive the right revenue assurance interventions. So this particular program is a win-win for everybody and I expect that we all support it properly.”
Mr. Hosi assured the CBOD would not shield anybody who participates in or facilitates illicit trade.

The PPMS Phase II launch was chaired by the Former Group CEO and MD of GOIL Patrick Akorli.