CBOD sets up technical committee to address supply challenges associated with Ghana-Mali trade

The Chamber of Bulk Distributors (CBOD) has set up a technical committee to look into supply challenges associated with the Ghana-Mali trade. This comes on the back of a novel visit by the Malian industry regulator, National Office for Petroleum Products (ONAP) which raised issues with the Ghana-Mali supply chain.
The challenges raised by ONAP include higher prices of petroleum products from Ghana due to the quality, restrictive guidelines by the National Petroleum Authority and the general difficulty of doing business in Ghana.
The committee will engage the NPA on the revision of its guidelines and the ease of doing business. The CBOD has set a target to have Ghana account for up to 50% of supply to Mali. Currently Ghana’s share of petroleum products supplies to Mali stands at 1%. The committee’s primary task is to identify all bottlenecks and develop operating and policy options required to achieve the target. The key stakeholders expected to be engaged by the committee are the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Ghana Association of Bankers (GAB), Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS), Ghana Immigration Service, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and NPA.
The technical committee comprises:
1. Kwaku Poku Asamoah Manu, Fueltrade Ltd.
2. Richard Satsi, Vihama Energy Company Ltd.
3. Selom Coco-Ahadji, Chase Petroleum Ghana Ltd.
4. Konate Kadiatou, Entrepôts du Mali au Ghana (EMAGHA)
5. Abdoulaye Coulibaly, Entrepôts du Mali au Ghana (EMAGHA)
6. Senyo Hosi CEO, CBOD
7. Dennis Dei-Tutu, CBOD