CBOD Energy Manifesto Town Hall: Kofi Buah Touts NDC’s Record In The Energy Industry As Superior

The former Minister of Energy and Petroleum Emmanuel Arma-Kofi Buah has touted the National Democratic Congress’ record in the energy industry as superior. At the party’s turn at CBOD’s The Energy Manifesto Townhall, the former Minister said the NDC government’s record with the power distribution sector is clear because the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) recorded clear profits although “ECG is on its knees now”.
Mr. Buah said, “The reason why the lights are on today is because the NDC brought 800 megawatts to stabilize generation and we have the capacity to make sure the annual growth in the capacity we are not going to go to bed [but] we’ll make sure we monitor and match it”.

Mr. Buah gave credit to his party, the NDC for its gains in the area of gas.
“We are the ones that have the record to have addressed the fuel situation that has always been a problem. We brought Ghana to the gas era, we’ve shown it. We intend to strengthen the gas sector, we intend to roll out our gas master plan, the 40-year master to make sure that we can go beyond power usage of gas and use gas for industrialization and create jobs.”

He also credited the NDC with the advancement in renewable energy in Ghana.
He said, “It is the NDC that passed the renewable act, it is the NDC that is going to move Ghana into a renewable energy era, and make sure we can power even [the] remotest of places, and make sure we achieve universal access to electricity.

He assured stakeholders and industry operatives of the NDC’s readiness and willingness “to engage and listen and ensure that the private sector is part of the governance that we want to bring”.

The former energy minister Mr Buah, his deputy John Jinapor presented the NDC’s manifesto promises on energy before an audience of industry experts and operatives, the media and the public at The Energy Manifesto Town Hall on Monday, November 2, 2020. Also present from the NDC was former Finance Minister Seth Terkper and the former CEO of the National Petroleum Authority Alex Mould.

The Energy Manifesto Town Hall was organised by the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors and its partners: the Association of Oil Marketers Association, Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber, Public Interest Accountability Committee, Chamber of Independent Power Producers, Distributors and Bulk Consumers, Africa Center for Energy Policy.

The ruling New Patriotic Party will take its turn on Friday, November 6, 2020 to present its energy manifesto promises before an expert audience, key industry operatives, the media and the public.