CBOD CEO gets Covid-19 vaccine, encourages petroleum industry players to follow suit

The Chief Executive of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Senyo Hosi has received the coronavirus vaccine with a call on Ghanaians, particularly those in the petroleum industry, to take the jab as well.

“I have taken my jab and it is safe,” Mr. Hosi said a day after receiving the vaccine. “You may have some side effects for just a day or two but that is normal.”

He stressed that the petroleum industry is an integral part of the country’s bustling economy and thus, players in the industry should seize any opportunity available opportunity to get vaccinated.

“I really want to encourage everybody. Petroleum is not just a product. It is at the centre of the running of every economy. Our job is so important it affects even the ‘koko’ seller’s ability to move from Point A to Point B,” Mr. Hosi said. “So we really need every single one of us within the industry to be safe in trying to make sure that the wheels of this economy continues running smoothly, even in a pandemic. We need everybody to be healthy and competent enough to continue this great service to our country.”

Mr. Hosi added: “Covid-19 is real and the vaccine is a major Covid-19 stopper. Everyone who qualifies, everyone who gets access, every single one within this industry who is requested to participate in this vaccine program should hurriedly go and get the jab.”

Ghana received its first batch of Covid-19 vaccines from the COVAX programme on March 1, 2021. So far, according to the Ministry of Health almost 300,000 Ghanaians have been vaccinated.