Call for Papers: Ghana Petroleum & Oil Resources Project

The Fair-Trade Oil Share Ghana (FTOS-Gh) Campaign, under the auspices of the Centre For Natural Resources and Environmental Management (CNREM) and GhanaHero.Com, has issued a call for papers on Ghana’s petroleum and oil resources, including extraction and sales of oil on the world market beginning in 2010.  

While final submissions will be selected by a Board composed of experts on several aspects of the topic, interested scholars, journalists, students, civil society organizations, etc., may submit papers on any aspect of the subject (history, policy, law, finance, environment, development, extraction, justice, economics, marketing, sustainability, regulatory, process innovation, public outreach, social responsibility, sociology, security, etc.), in addition to comparative analyses with respect to operations of foreign oil companies in other nations.  The vison of the project is to provide, as much as possible, a holistic coverage on the subject that will serve the interests of Ghanaian readers, Diasporans, researchers, and other international readers, including policy makers, and generally engender informed citizenship among Ghanaians.

While the Selection Committee will most be interested in unpublished papers, papers that have already been published on Ghana’s petroleum and oil resources will be considered for inclusion where the content of the paper fits with the goal of the project and there are no issues with copyright. As well, Book Reviews on subject will be considered.  Expressions of interest and proposal submissions accompanied by abstracts must reach the Selection Committee by 20 November, 2019, as indicated below. 

Authors may submit proposals (Title of Paper, Name of Author(s), Contact Information, Abstract of 150-250 words, and subject as indicated below), by 20 November, 2019, to the Coordinator, copy to the Secretary, “Proposal for Paper – Ghana Petroleum and Oil Resources Project”:

COORDINATOR:  professor.lungu at  

SECRETARY:        joel.degue at

SUBJECT:  Proposal for Paper – Ghana Petroleum and Oil Resources Project  

(Please use subject heading; “Proposal for Paper – Ghana Petroleum and Oil Resources Project”.  To control spam and potential harmful actions by other third parties, papers without the subject heading may not be reviewed. Delete “at” and replace with “@”).

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