BOST Product Loss Internal Committee concludes its sittings

  • Figure 1 details The Bost stock Losses of the 7 BIDECs

    The BOST Product Loss Internal Committee has concluded its sittings with Bulk Import, Distribution and Export Companies (BIDECs) for about four weeks. The Committee met with the BIDECs in groups over findings from an inquiry into BIDECs’ claims for the loss of stock under the custody of BOST.

    The Committee engaged Oil Channel Ltd, Fueltrade Ltd, Chase Petroleum Ghana Ltd, Vihama Energy Ltd, Hask Oil Company Ltd, Sage Petroleum, Cirrus Oil Services Limited and Ebony Oil & Gas Ltd.
    The Bost committee affirmed and varied the claims by the BIDECs it met with the exception of Hask Oil who are currently in court over the matter.

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