BDCs Satisfy With BOST’s Introduction Of Call Centre…Applause BOST For Involving Stakeholders In Decision Making

The introduction of Call Centre by the new management of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) company limited led by the Managing Director Mr. George Mensah Okley has received applause from its stakeholders Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs).

In a stakeholder meeting organized by Mr. George Mensah Okley on Tuesday June 25, 2019 at Airport West Hotel in Accra to discuss issues confronting the industry, the Managing Director of BOST revealed that his engagement with the stakeholders is to put an end to the tension which existed between BOST and BDCs in the past.

Speaking to in an interview, Mr. George Mensah Okley again mentioned that his desire to engage the stakeholders in constant meetings is to restore confidence of their stakeholders and also carve a good image before the Bulk Oil Distribution Companies as they remain key industry players.

“The BDCs are our main clients and key stakeholders we offer our services to them. Before I took office, there was a whole lot tension between BOST and the BDCs. Any issue that come out from BOST into the media is about BOST and I intentionally created this platform where they can come for all of us to discuss issues so that by so doing we will brand our image, we will have a new image before the BDCs, then they will have confidence in us and clear any tension which existed between us so that they will feel free and if we want to implement something that is not in their interest, they will know that it is to the advantage of the industry at large but not for our selfish gain and that is what we have achieved so far”, he averred.

The Managing Director of BOST together with other stakeholders at the meeting discussed overstay products, fees, how they can collaborate as industry, challenges that they are having with the porter, socialization and one system rule, upgrading and lost claim that the BDCs brought to BOST.

He added that the meeting with the stakeholders will not be a nine-day wonder as the Tuesday June 25, 2019 meeting marked the third time, they have met; reiterating that they have met twice within this year, promising to meet quarterly every year.

“This meeting is the third time but this is the second time for this year; so it is every quarter that we have decided to meet to discuss issues regarding the industry and we are not only meeting BDCs, we have been doing one to with the transporters quarterly”, he disclosed.

Explaining the one system rule which has been agreed to, Mr. George Mensah Okley said that the one system rule is that we have depots in Tema, Akosombo, Maame Water, Kumasi, Bolga and Buipe. So normally if you want put your product, all the receiving point is at Tema; when they put their products at APD, before they can take them at Kumasi, the products have to move physically to Kumasi because if you have not move your products there, you cannot take them and sell but what the one system rule does is that, it is like the way the banking system work; if you put your money in a bank at one branch, you should be able to redraw it in any other branch of the bank without physically transferring your money to the branch where you are redrawing the money and that is the one system rule. The moment you put your products at APD, the receiving depot, they can pick them anywhere”.

Even though the one system rule is not operational yet, the MD for BOST said system has taken effect as they have all agreed in principle as there is a challenge with the platform which does not give room for the products to be accounted for due to the software design, explaining why the meeting was held to deliberate on it.

“We have therefore concluded to have a meeting with the software company to make that space on the platform. We have not started running the one system rule but all the stakeholders have agreed in principle to go by the new system and in our deliberations, we have realized this challenge and so we are going to meet with the software company and NPA”, he said.

Interacting with one stakeholder member from Blue Ocean Investment, the gentleman who only gave his name as Emmanuel urged most other government companies to emulate the meeting between BOST and its BDCs stakeholders as it is not a common practice with government companies to involve their stakeholders in decision making.

“…because we have a situation where government companies don’t involve their stakeholders in their discussions. They come up with plans and decisions that are not known to us; then there will be this back and forth, going back to work on things but in a case where BOST is involving us in their operations now, we have an input into whatever they do. So when issues come up, we accept them because we were part of decision making process and I think the other government agencies should all employ this; the GRA, NPA and other ones who are also in the line of the petroleum industry, they should involve us the industry players and stakeholders into their decision making, so that whenever they come up with any decision, it will be applauded by all and I think that will be the best way to go for us in the industry”, he recommended.

Talking about BOST Call Centre, Emmanuel explained that the Call Centre will enable stakeholders to have quick response to issues regarding their stock balance as such vital information in past can take 3 months before they know the stock they have at a particular location.

“One key thing is that BOST has now created a Call Centre and when we have issues, we can just call the call center and we have people who will give quick response to issues…for instance, now whenever I want to check my stock balance, somebody will be pick the call and quickly check it for me on online and give me information but formerly, we don’t get such vital information rapidly as sometimes it will take 3 months before you know what stock you have at a particular location and so I will give credit to the new management system in place because this is working perfectly for us now”, he narrated.